Justin Roiland Reportedly Working On New Animated Series

The show is still in the works, but Hulu has already ordered two complete seasons of it. Each season of “Solar Opposites” is thought to be 16 full scale episodes long, and the series is promised to debut in 2020. Justin Roiland will probably be co-creating this series with his beloved colleague in “Rick and Morty”, Mike McMahan. Justin is also supposed to voice the two main roles in the series, characters named Korvo and Terry.

This series will follow a household that will probably be unlike any other household in our world, for they will be from another world. The show will center on the Alien family experiences in America, frequently debating on the planet and the differences between this Earth and life back home.

“Solar Opposites” appears like an enjoyable watch for everybody and from the looks of this might readily be profanity-free so that it could appeal to children too, even though the target audience has not been evident yet. The series is something to look forward to, although it is light-years away.

He’s taken the functions of co-creator and voice actor up with this show efficiently by embracing his wide range of abilities. Like any powerful writer/producer, Justin has expanded his domain name with a brand-new series with him in the middle of everything.

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